Flavus Media Inc. was established to answer the demand for media creation. Our focus is to deliver on an intricate component of digital media projects offering a full stack of creative services. We are a team comprised of young, creative, and motivated in-house designers who execute work detailed by clients.

<aside> ⛹️‍♂️ Author: Harsh Patel


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👨‍💻 My Role

At Flavus, my responsibilities as a Co-Founder and Head of Technology include:

🖥️ Web Development

As Head of Technology, one of the major projects that I had led was the design and development of the flavus.ca website built using the react.js library.


The goal of our website was to establish a professional digital presence where potential clients can go to gauge additional information about the company. To tackle this, I worked alongside our design team to draft an engaging platform keeping simplicity and animations at the core.



‼️ Challenge

A major challenge that I had come across while developing the website was the bandwidth usage that we would incur. After completing the first version, we noticed that our site was very heavy in load times. After investigating the issue, I found that the portfolio page, where we have tiles of some of our best work, had images that were too big in size. I didn't want to sacrifice the viewing experience for clients that wanted to view our work in the best/ideal resolution.


To combat this challenge, I created proxy images, that were very small in size and would serve the purpose of brief viewing. If the user would like to view the image in a higher resolution, they can client the "View Large" button where only then would the high res files load on the client-side browser. This significantly reduced load times and kept our site relatively light on the user end.


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