Circle Innovation is dedicated to solving global challenges and providing students with enhanced opportunities. We aim to use an interdisciplinary approach by combining skills from science, business, technology, and social science.

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👨‍💻 My Role

At Circle, I work as a Full Stack Developer and I am one of the Digital Design Leads. Here, I co-lead the development and maintenance of the website that is built on the react.js library. As the Digital Design Lead, I also develop digital marketing content for social media and content for live events while following and developing the company's brand identity. Aside, I contribute to weekly meetings and help discuss the future direction of the company.

🖥️ Web Development

One of my main roles at Circle is to design, develop, and maintain the website.


Whenever there is a new event or a new project for the company that needs a webpage, I first get all the details from the CDO of what needs to be on the page. Along with the design team, I then create mockups using Figma.


After the designs are approved by the CDO and VPs, I then go about coding the pages using the react.js library. We try to break common elements into different components so the code can be reused and repurposed easily on multiple pages.

I then push my changes to separate branches on GitHub and create a pull request where the CDO will review and merge changes to the master branch. The changes are then deployed to the live production site, or if more team members need to review changes, it is pushed to a staging site where the rest of the team can view the changes.


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